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From insulation inspections, cutting and installing new and the best type of insulation for your home down to making sure that the whole place is safe from bacteria and other allergens, Advanced Insulation Milford has never failed to attend to every insulation needs.

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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has been a popular name for many years already as it has never failed to fulfill its promises to residential and commercial owners who put their trust in its brilliance.

With spray foam, every home and business establishment is safe from many factors that may disrupt the comfort and safety of their occupants, which are two of the most important things a property should possess.

Residential Spray Foam

One of the main goals for homeowners is to keep their homes a comfortable space for everyone to rest their bodies and minds.

Residential spray foam insulation has always been helpful in achieving this goal; from soundproofing to keeping them safe and warm during winters and comfortable no matter how hot the summers are, this investment has made every home a space where safety and comfort lies.

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Commercial Spray Foam

Commercial spray foam insulation is a way to increase the productivity and efficiency of workers in a business establishment by giving them a better and healthier work environment.

Installing spray foam in commercial buildings is seen as a solution to the high consumption of appliances, which can also cause harmful effects to the environment. This investment is very beneficial as it also protects the overall structure of a building.

Attic Insulation

Investing in attic insulation will help every homeowner keep their home safe against pests and maintain lower annual energy costs.

With attic insulation, there is no need to worry about having to use so many extra heating or cooling appliances because it is already capable of finding the best temperature for your home to keep it warm during cold seasons and cool during hot, summer days.

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Garage Insulation

Insulating a garage does so much more than keep your home’s thermal performance at its finest, but it also protects your home against any disturbing sounds.

Garage insulation is a proven way to protect all your important belongings that are stored in your garage and of course, add comfort to your home by keeping it safe against factors that may cause gradual damage.

Fiberglass Insulation

Installing fiberglass in your home will help in keeping a large amount of heat or cold air out of your space so you don’t have to worry about having to deal with so much heat or cold.

With fiberglass, you can insulate your home properly without having to go over the budget as this type has been hailed as the most affordable insulation type for many years already.

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Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl spaces are not only hard to insulate because they have smaller spaces than other parts of the house that need insulation, but also because they have less ventilation and need more cleaning.

What’s great about insulating a crawl space is that homeowners get to have an extra space that helps in keeping their home warm during winters and cool during the long summers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We took the time to gather the most commonly asked questions intended to help people who are having a hard time considering insulation in their property. 

What is the best type of insulation for my house?

While the best insulation varies per household, residential properties are best insulated with foam insulation products such as spray foam insulation. A home has to be well-insulated from its walls, ceilings down to its floors, and to do this, you need a premium insulation type like spray foam to properly clog spaces from these areas of your home and keep it safe from gradual damage.

How can I tell if my house is well insulated?

It’s easy to see the difference between a well-insulated house and a non-insulated house. A well-insulated home can stabilize the temperature required by the home regardless of the season to keep it a place where there is enough comfort for its occupants, and consumes less electrical appliances, resulting in lower energy costs. A well-insulated house does not have to deal with moisture buildup, pests and ice dams.

What areas of a home are most commonly insulated?

Many homeowners prioritize the insulation of their attics, which makes this the most commonly insulated part of a house. Walls are also one of the most commonly insulated, which is mostly for soundproofing and stabilizing the temperature. The basement, as well as the floors and ceilings, are also some of the most important parts of the house that many homeowners are putting their money into giving proper insulation.

How much does insulation cost?

Insulation costs vary basically because of the insulation type that each homeowner wants to get installed in their home; every insulation type carries with it a unique price. Factors such as the total area size of space, as well as the quote your insulation contractor will suggest to you, can also affect the final insulation costs one has to pay with their savings.

How often do you have to replace insulation?

No matter what insulation type your home is installed with, you can guarantee that it can last for decades and give your home the insulation service it needs. Most homes need to get their insulation material updated after fifteen or twenty years of usage or when the insulation does not give you the benefits it should to keep you comfortable and protect your home.

Will insulating my home save money?

Insulation not only helps in increasing the value of your home but also grows your savings. With insulation, you will have lower energy bills which contributes to having bigger annual savings. The more properly insulated your home, the more it has lower its total energy costs that experts have found to reach up to fifteen percent.


Above all, there are two things that insulation guarantees to its’ users; protection and comfort.

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Increases value of your home

Investing in installing insulation to many parts of your home helps a lot in increasing its value because of all the benefits and advantages that it will be capable of giving you.

Installing insulation is an effective home upgrade that will not empty your savings and is proven to give homeowners as much as a hundred percent return on investment. Insulation does not only yield various financial benefits but also gives your home a higher value.

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Save money on energy bills

Your energy bills may be constantly weighing you and your savings down, but one way to stop this cycle is to install insulation for your home.

Once your home is well-insulated, one of the many benefits it can give you and your pocket is reducing the use of any cooling or heating appliances. With less energy consumption and lower annual energy costs, you are guaranteed a bigger amount of savings each year.

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Reduce noise

Soundproofing is just another remarkable ability of insulation that has always been beneficial for homeowners, particularly to those who are living in a busy area who want to find comfort in the quiet.

Insulation is a proven way to build a thick barrier to your walls and other parts of your home to keep it safe from noise and any unnecessary sound. Once insulated, your home can now add more comfort to you by maintaining a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

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Protects the environment

To keep the environment safe from harm as you try to improve the temperature as well as the value of your home, try insulating your home with a sustainable insulation type.

Other than being a sustainable material, insulation also helps the environment by reducing the use of appliances; hence also decreasing the emission of many kinds of pollutants such as carbon dioxide that produce many harmful effects to the environment.

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Keeps temperature stable

Insulation is one of the best solutions to problems concerning a home’s thermal performance. When a home is insulated, you can guarantee that it can easily meet its needed temperature and be able to stabilize it by preventing heat loss or any unnecessary addition of heat.

An insulated home can suffice the need of its occupants for a cooler temperature during long, hot summer days and also keep the home warm during the cold winter days.

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Deters pests

Preventing pests and other insects from entering your space is possible through the help of insulation.

This sustainable material acts as a strong barrier that will seal every hole your walls and floors have so that pests will not be able to penetrate your space. Since insulation is an important investment that can last for many years, you can rest your worries against gradual damage to your home caused by insects or pests.

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